Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Is it possible to revive ancient Egyptian languages via the Internet?

  • Egypt has a history spanning thousands of years. Throughout this history, Egypt used several languages ​​that are not used except in the field of research, namely:
  • Hieroglyphic language.
  • Coptic language.
  • Nubian language.
  • Can we revive these languages ​​through the internet
  • The chance that The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)provided by the International Domain Name (IDN) allow Egypt to revive these languages ​​again. Rather, it is possible that profits will be gained through this revive, as many companies may tend to have addresses in the Hieroglyphic language or many of the Those who are fond of the ancient Egyptian language or those who fond of Egypt love to have titles in the hieroglyphic language, but it can be marketed with tourists in Egypt.
  • Likewise, the revival of the Coptic language is now carried out on a small scale through the Coptic Church, which teaches the language within it for use in church rituals. The Church has nearly two thousand Egyptian churches inside. Also the Egyptian churches around the world. The Coptic Church through revive the this language may highlight the role of the Egyptian Church and may be another spiritual role for Egypt.
  • As for the Nubian language, it is not a secret that during the October War, the Nubian language was used as a language of messaging codes during this war, according to what the leaders of October themselves announced, and reviving the language through (IDN) will give a new dimension to the Egyptian family and contribute to placing Nubian dreams within the Egyptian framework. .
  • Is there anyone who thinks about the feasibility of this economically and scientifically through that reading, and we have history, geographical genius, and many soft powers, so do we find someone to use it ?I

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