Sunday, July 31, 2016

What we dream in the future social network?

 Every day knocking on our door a new thing in technology , and the social

networking become all the internet for the most people , only

professionals people who know the infrastructure of the Internet.

 Let me dream of what we want in the social networks in the future,

what do you want in your account at social networking Let me tell


 I want a custom domain name not just a directory under the social

network, and I want the name of this band under my country code in

other words, I want to be My Address (sn as the

abbreviation for social Network) or assuming that I have facebook

account shall be in the range

 I want to include a private space Account me online that I can join

them through peer 2 peer network programs and through which I can

exchange files with my friends.

 I want to have a special blog that anyone could read it .

 also have a video channel for that could broadcast live from my room

or my room balcony if you want, or the Videos library setter me

 Be my web communication is linked to a number Mobily or linking

applications that deal with Mobily.

 Do you have more dreams , Lets dream more for better future