Monday, November 24, 2014

Broken down walls and Fences

The Breaking Down of Walls and Fences Love,
the joining of two hearts,
the breaking down of walls & fences;
the complete and utter loss of all senses.
Love, it is the blind... when not one error can you find.
Love, it is the weak... when no other do you seek.
Love, it is the vulnerable... when all is known, even the undesirable. Love, it is the ache... when you feel you make a mistake. Love, it is a token... when you wish no heart be broken.
Love, it is brighter than gold... when you know it can not be bought or sold.
Love it is a simple truth... when even you lose your youth.
Love, it is a strength... when you know it would go to any length.
Love, is two hearts joining... and breaking down all walls and fences
Well I don't like in English but I like it its from a sweet friend and I'm proud that it well be part of my blog


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