Saturday, February 18, 2017

How women playing chess?

As I declare before the women logic  something different than the logic that we know, and there is a very good women playing chess and they could beat you well but most of them playing it with different way so when you talk about a chess with a woman she will looks to you deeply like Sun Tzu's who write the art of war  and said:
its wonderful strategic game most of the time I wish to play it I know how it moves lets try some practices you might said  we can play anything else you love.
She will answer you know No body could win women in tactics She will said it like MacArthur.
Then you started to play and you beat her a lot And she will said my chess will become good by time you show her some advice or ask her question and
give her some advice's but you will get a shocked answer's ,this the chess conversation that you wish that you never hear:
Why you move your queen early you should not do that?!
She will said in peace not to worry she just went to shopping
Why you move your king like that?
Not to worry just he want to stretch his leg.
Take care about your rook
I hate the legendary animals !
Don't put your bishop front of my troops
Its heavy animal not to worry
You will lose your horse
Its OK you should not ride it !
Don't lose much pawns !
Not to worry when the pawn go outside the board  we could bring a queen !!!
most of your troops outside the board
I tactics good without crowded
Or might she will answer Sun Tzu's said concentrate and he also said spread!
 and when you eat much of her troops she will said you will get stomach trouble
And when you try to finish the game and check her king she will looks you in bad way and said you are naughty don't harass me
So please forgot about chess with women

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