Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sub-ccTLD as a foundation for the development of African Information Technology community.

.ICANN is driving the promotion of Internet Infrastructure by promoting the new gTLD  to enhance the domains Industry all over  the world and a proposal of a new internet framework. As  in the African Community where the number of registered  domains under ccTLD is too small as well as the Digital Divide with respect to the Internet (WEB) Content.
The proposed idea can be summarized as the request for AFTLD  to guide the members (Countries) to create new sub ccTLD or funding the process so not limiting the scope of the project to the rise in number of registered domains but also to create Information Content Services to the developing African Countries and have access to the youth in these countries for the aim of increasing work opportunities for the content creation process and open doors  for new ideas and individual initiatives.

Suggestions Sub Domains

Sub Domains
    IT technologies company
    Personal web sites
    Services to community
    Youth club
    Business Initiatives
                    Small and medium enterprise

The idea is opened for any other subdomains according to the needs of each country.

 Well suppose the cctld will be .eg to show the idea

For Information Technology Entities as a locomotive for the Industry and such as these companies will make creative competition  (Company.it.eg)

For Personal young people subdoamins and provide with other entities hosting plans with predesigned content templates.
The created websites will act as a window for such people to express their opinions and promote the usage of open source tools and the need for both learning and innovation.
Young people may be interested in relating their nicknames with their country codes and the competition in producing ideas.

The increase of number of individual blogs at the global level may give the opportunity to produce income for the people by agreement between the Country (Egypt) and the global blogs industry (bloggers international Companies).
Service Oriented Entities:-
In Egypt there exist more than 4000 youth sports centers that provide several sporting and cultural services so registering all these centers and provide a Interactive  dynamic website for each may provide a portal for such services.
Had a special trip to work in the field of domain for one of the African countries and found it difficult to access the embassy of the country in my country, or even access to the Egyptian embassy in that country in Africa and even access to a connection with those Embassy so I thought in this range in a series of ideas service the progress of society and the Classifieds and specific for a particular service to easily access.
For the Egyptian embassies   to make easy access for the embassies  and design an consistent way to access services available for people.
For small business entities to drive the development in the Country and different views and ideas will be created in IT industry or other activities.

In the  end my Aim is not limited to the previous mentioned domains as the situation in each country may differ. I suggest professional sub domains as eng.eg for Engineers acc.eg for Accountants med for medical services professionals. And each created associated website with different designs without the need to non-technical people to develop their own websites.I thought the idea will support the contain very well
In Egypt some of these ideas have been discussed with some entities and Companies ,We still have a lot of work to do in this subject and we hope to reach the aims.

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